Taxi Top Posters

Fasten your seatbelt and watch your advertising take off. There are three main types of taxi displays: traditional taxi tops, taxi backs and taxi trunk displays. Typically, taxi tops and taxi back posters incorporate back lighting for day or night visibility. Taxi trunk displays are mounted to the trunk of the taxi and generally don't have back lighting. 

As you may guess, taxi tops are the most effective in crowded, urban cities. They also have the benefit to be at eye-level and can really turn heads as they drive by. What could be more memorable than your ads zipping around all over the Las Vegas Strip or Manhattan? 

Specifications for materials varies by each media vendor and market. It is important to know the specific market your ads will displayed, as well as the media company in charge of display and installation. Let BPGraphics bridge the gap and be your partner from production to installation. We produce the finest quality products using the highest grade materials and offer personal customer experience. 

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Product Name Size Spec Sheet Template
Taxi Top 14" x 48"