Retail In-Store Graphics

Point-of-Purchase and in-store graphic displays are a great way to capture the attention of consumers and keep your products top-of-mind when and where it counts. This 
medium can be tricky; as it requires extensive detail work and a print provider with the knowledge and experience you can count on. That’s where BPGraphics comes in.

Based on the order size, the substrate and the advertising location; your job may require screen-printing, digital printing or a combination of the two. Our experience, combined with some of the best digital equipment available, will ensure the perfect printing of your big messages. We also feature one of the largest multi-color screen presses in the United States.

However, most point-of-purchase projects aren’t done when the printing is complete. Additional finishes and exquisite packaging is almost always required. Whether it is laminating and mounting a display board, die-cutting, pre-masking for easy installation or hemming and grommets, BPGraphics gets the job done right. When it’s time to kit-pack and ship your product, you can always count on having everything arrive in perfect condition.

Because we offer full customization, we don’t have a way to list the thousands of possible in-store graphic product and size combinations. Some of the most popular projects we do are window graphics, display header cards, floor graphics, counter mats and banners.

Give us a call today and we would be happy to provide more information and assist you with furthering your advertising campaign.