G-Floor isn’t just a floor graphic; it’s a well protected artistic canvas to express your client’s message while holding up to Scuffs, Scratches and Spills.

As a Certified G-Floor Fabricator, BPGraphics has the experience to make your project look amazing. The material is extruded as a clear, flexible PVC product that protects the printed image below with a massive wear layer — the thickest in the industry. Manufactured in widths of up to 10 feet and in thicknesses ranging from 35 mil to 95 mil, G-Floor Print Media provides protection of the images that competing flooring materials just can’t match.

Unlike most floor graphics, the artwork is printed on the bottom of the material (sub-surface); not on top. Combine this fact with the thickest wear layer in the industry and you have a medium that will last longer than your campaign. Maintenance is easy because G-Floor is able to be cleaned with mild solvents or water. The graphics are permanent removable, leaving no sticky residue behind when you want to extract it. They also come with a five year manufacturer’s warranty.


The G-Floor Graphic line is composed of 100% polyvinyl throughout the entire product. This makes G-Floor Graphic floors strong enough to drive a car on with the same resistance throughout all the vinyl layers. G-Floor comes in a variety of textures for added creative execution such as adding greater realism to faux wood or when creating a diamond plate industrial feel. These textures also address areas with moisture to prevent sliding.

As the only certified G-Floor printer in the western United States, we can help your trade show, Out-Of-Home or office project come alive.

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