Billboards have evolved greatly over decades of rich history. However, they still remain gargantuan palates for big advertising messages and
their composition is relatively unchanged. 

New lightweight vinyl and recyclable Polyethylene substrates are dominating the industry. They have become the preferred medium for many media posting companies and advertising production teams.

BPGraphics has expertise in the technology needed to produce the vast array of sizes and specs that are normally ordered by media and print buyers. We have the equipment and experience to ensure that your projects are meticulously produced and turnaround times are exactly to your specifications.

The proper finishing of bulletin advertising requires knowledge of market-by-market specifications and requirements, such as extensions and special treatments. The team at BPGraphics is well-equipped to deliver your job with the utmost precision.

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Product Name Size Spec Sheet Template
14’ x 48’ Bulletin 14' x 48'
10’6 x 36’ Bulletin 10'6 x 36
10’ x 30’ Bulletin 10' x 30'
20’ x 60’ Bulletin 20' x 60'